Tuesday, 5 March 2013

When the lights go out...

Hard Rock Calling - the festival series that has taken over London's Hyde Park for a decade and hosted two unforgettable E Street Band shows - has managed to lure Bruce Springsteen back to the UK capital again this June.

It comes as they move their massive event from the Royal Parks to the Olympic Parks site and a year after Springsteen was shut down during his final moments on stage with Paul McCartney.

A historical moment in the history of popular music that made headlines around the world as the venue organisers couldn't give them another five minutes on stage.

Near the front of the 80,000 crowd in Hyde Park last July part of me couldn't believe they cut the power on the band. It was reportedly to help serve the local area better, but actually ended with thousands and thousands of confused, angry people pushing each other around trying to find an exit without any clear signs or instructions on the quickest and safest way to get home.

Something that could have gone up on the big screen after the band left the stage AFTER their goodbye.

It was in the Hong Kong airport lounge on the way back to Perth that I saw on TV news reports just how big the insult was.

But it seems that Springsteen isn't holding it against the Hard Rock Calling organisers Live Nation as he has agreed to join them as headliner for a third time at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Having been at previous Hard Rock Calling concerts, anyone in the UK thinking they can only make it to one Springsteen show this year, really should consider this one.

In fact with Paul Weller and Kasabian making up a weekend of headliners spending a few days checking out the new east London venue wouldn't be a bad idea at all.

Tickets are on sale Friday from Hard Rock Calling

Title Track: When The Lights Go Out