Sunday, 17 March 2013

Notes on Australia - Brisbane

Only being here for three nights, two of which were taken up by the shows, I've essentially failed to really explore Brisbane as I had hoped.

Probably because the entertainment centre is on the edge of some swamp and a 40 minute train ride away from the city centre.
Unless of course the trains aren't running the entire way and you have another hour for buses.

I did have to kill a few hours before checking into the Base backpackers though, and found myself walking the streets and ended up in the Botanical Gardens along the river.
I'm not all that fussed about gardens or parks, and definitely not an expert on flora and fauna, but the park is a great place to walk, run or cycle and is set up really well to do both if you have a few hours of freedom or want a quick break from the CBD.
Also, it has some amazing trees that remind me of Game of Thrones. And that's awesome.

One thing I will say about Brisbane Entertainment Centre is that although it has put on the show amazingly, it's certainly nothing to look at.
It's just one big concrete mess on the edge of marshland, with nothing but small houses nearby.

In someways it's a terrible venue, but it other ways it's quite fitting - or perhaps it would have been if Springsteen rocked out Darkness on the Edge of Town in tribute to it.