Monday, 18 March 2013

Sydney Allphones Arena - 1

Ticket: GA (No priority wristband)

Just when you think you have seen the best of Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band with two fantastic shows in Brisbane, they go and pull out even more to blow you away.
Sydney's first show of the tour was so spectacular it frequently left me, people around me - and even Springsteen himself - breathless.
Starting with American Land as a late tribute to St Patrick's Day, the party kick-started and never stopped.
Next up was Prove It All Night - one I've been holding for so far and was overwhelmed by. There was no extended Springsteen guitar solo, but still it always sounds incredible live.
Also from Darkness on the Edge of Town was Adam Raised A Cain and Candy's Room. I don't know if the guys around me were just as excited to see these tracks start up but it seemed like they brought the house down.
As did another Seeger Sessions' anthem Pay Me My Money Down.
As a bonus to those who missed Saturday night, High Hopes made a reappearance and is easily becoming a tour favourite.
As is Springsteen's Australian tour 'roll call' - those of us at previous shows couldn't help but shout his 'Over shark infested waters!' which is fast becoming this tour's trademark slogan.
For the third night we had the excellent Spirit In The Night too, which sits perfectly after a solemn and spiritual My City of Ruins and it's moment to honour those who are missing.
Sydney 1 was the shortest of the three concerts, but the energy put in by Springsteen surpassed those of the previous two nights.
After landing back on the stage after the encore of Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out he was seen turning to one band member and saying 'I'm fucked!'
The man looked exhausted as he often does at the end of the show, but you could tell he still wanted to keep going.
Other highlights of the night was a brilliantly fierce Youngstown and the band's cover of Moon Mullican's rock n' roll epic Seven Nights To Rock in an exhilarating encore.

Here's what for me is the best setlist of the tour so far:

1. American Land
2. Prove It All Night
3. Adam Raised A Cain (Request)
4. Wrecking Ball
5. Death To My Hometown
6. Hungry Heart
7. City of Ruins
8. Spirit In The Night
9. High Hopes
10. Youngstown
11. Candy's Room
12. She's The One
13. Pay Me My Money Down
14. Shackled and Drawn
15. Waitin' On A Sunny Day
16. The Rising
17. Ghost of Tom Joad
18. Badlands

19. Thunder Road
20. Born To Run
21. Seven Nights To Rock
22. Dancing In The Dark
23. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out