Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A last chance power drive...

The final concert in Melbourne is the first on the Australian tour to be on consecutive nights.
After taking a spot in line 28 hours before show 2 began - and still being 28th in line! - the talk throughout the day was what would happen for the GA line for the third show.
Well heading out Rod Laver Arena after Springsteen's 3 hour show the inevitable had happened, some people not in show 2 had already started a line for show 3.
And a few of those in show 2, left early to get their place in line.
By the time I made it across to the new line - something which because of the battle with a cold I was going to avoid - I found myself in 32 position.
So again, I'm back to roll calls at 6am, 10am, 1pm and 4pm... while using the time in between to take cold flu medication and work out how much liquid to consume to both keep me hydrated but not threaten the show later with a bathroom break.
So far, despite feeling exhausted and run down, the experience of being in the pit has been worth every second in line.
Especially when you consider how in some countries people camp out for days at a time to get that rare spot.