Friday, 24 May 2013

Springsteen And I

Every Springsteen fan would have at least heard of this documentary even if they didn't submit their own videos and clips to take part.

Obviously counting myself as a member of the club of people who are mad enough to spend days lining up to a live show, watch set lists from the other side of the world and always drink from his favourite Springsteen album mug, I'm keen to see how this movie turns out.

From the trailer it does look like there will be plenty of concert footage from the Australia tour, and like everyone who got to make a few friends on the road, I'll be looking out for some familiar Bruce Buds in the footage too.

But I do have to wonder what people who are not so converted will think of this film.

Will they just write it off with no interest? Or will they be eager to see what the fuss is about and check it out for themselves?

I recently convinced a Star Trek-hater to check out the new Star Trek movie by telling them the obvious - that you don't have to like anything to do with the franchise to enjoy it. In the end they loved it.

I'm not sure that will work this time.

But I am sure that people I've met who have slept outside arenas, lined up for 6am roll calls will no doubt enjoy seeing this movie on the big screen, and perhaps have another way to explain to their partners why their next holiday plans have been put on hold just in case Bruce announces another tour.

Also worthy of note, is that just as there seems to be a great range of Springsteen books released at the same time, this is not the only documentary coming our way.

Obviously the Ridley Scott production company link and distribution will make this the big one, but look out for more films about the cult of being a Springsteen fan soon.

Here's the one by Julian Garcia that I mentioned during the Australian tour:

And of course if you want to see a little clip that won't be in the documentary, here it is again: