Friday, 10 May 2013

Down In Lucky Town...

It's impossible not to look at the setlists, videos and photos from the current leg of the Wrecking Ball tour and not feel envious.

Bruce and the band are still making every single show a special one to remember for those who make it and an event others would do anything to be at.

Back in the real world where I'm still missing the days of roll calls and wristbands I haven't blogged on this latest leg just yet, but this little feature of the Stockholm show seems worthy of a mention.

Jake Clemons came out to surprise and join those waiting in the GA line at one of their roll calls.

The man doesn't need to do anything to be any cooler, but when asked what number he was in line, fans there said he told them 107.

It may not be in the top 50, top 100 or even Johnny '99, but I can assure Jake - and anyone else - that you can still get a great show with that position.

And I would know because that was the same number I had in Brisbane 2.

(Big up to Petition to bring Bruce Springsteen to Perth guys for updates on the tour where I spotted this!)